Gender-Bending links and activist resources

MARCH 2007 • Issue 3

Links in English:
Human Rights Violations against the Transgender Community: A People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) Report
Human rights violations of Kothi and Hijra Sex Workers in Bangalore, India

Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers
“The health and human rights of sex workers must be seen as both essential elements of overall HIV prevention strategies, and legitimate ends in themselves.” Activist resources, research documents and photos, with a strong transgender presence

HIV/AIDS Risk Factors Among Transgender People in the U.S. (pdf)
Jessica Xavier’s compilation of available data, with city HIV statistics and implications for effective prevention efforts.

Transgender and HIV: Risks, Prevention and Care
This 2001 book collects reports on HIV’s impact on trans people globally, and offers recommendations for prevention and care. Edited by Walter O. Bockting, PhD, and Sheila Kirk, MD.

Cruel and Unusual
2006 documentary film on the lives of transgender women in U.S. men’s prisons, with the women telling their own stories of survival.

Remembering Our Dead
Gwendolyn Ann Smith’s record of people murdered in transphobic attacks, with photos of those killed, any available biographical information, and details of the crime.

Links en Español:


John Harold Estrada Montoya’s academic discussion of gender and social factors related to MSMs’ HIV risk in Latin America.

Violencia de género en México: La tragedia sin fin
Por Adrián Reyes
Enkidu magazine news article about violence against women in Mexico.

Bilingual links:

Institutional Memoir of the 2005 Institute for Trans and Intersex Activist Training (PDF)
Report from IGLHRC’s Latin American Training Institute, summarizing discussion and viewpoints from trans activists in Latin America, including activist demands for improving HIV services.

The Rights of Transvestites in Argentina (pdf)
A report by Lohana Berkins, founder of ALITT (Asociación Lucha por la Identitdad Transvesti y Transexual), detailing human rights violations against transvestites in Argentina, with recommendations to end such abuse.

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