War and the Economy

— A workshop from United for a Fair Economy

Do you ever wonder why the smaller community-based HIV prevention and service programs are always being cut? Do you wonder why your city and/or state suffer constant budget crises? One reason is the way that our federal money is allocated and spent. This workshop from United for a Fair Economy challenges us to think about the meaning of the word security when the military budget continues to increase at the expense of community needs, and how we can protect what’s important to our communities. Using a popular education model, the workshop can be adapted to work with your group. The materials can be downloaded for free (simple registration is required).

The materials explain how to plan and present the workshop in a way that will be most effective for the participants you’ll be working with.

Workshop goals:
1) Explore the impact of militarism on the U.S. economy.
2) Examine the impact of war and militarism from the perspectives of race, gender, and class.
3) Demonstrate that war and militarism drain resources from basic family and community needs in general and from addressing state budget crises in particular.

Download the workshop in PDF format.

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  1. ali22

    Anthony Morgan, now Director of Programs at the New York State Black Gay Network, explains the difference between individual- and structural-level prevention interventions

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