TAKE ACTION – What You Can Do

  1. Advocate for Policy Changes: This Tool Kit from the National AIDS Housing Coalition can arm you to advocate for housing on both local and national levels, using research findings to demonstrate the link between housing and health for people at risk for or living with HIV.
    English: http://www.nationalaidshousing.org/policytoolkit.htm
    Español: http://www.nationalaidshousing.org/ToolkitSpanish-Policytoolkit.htm
  2. Donate to Abahlali baseMjondolo’s women’s support group: Women of Abahlali have just started an income generation program for the survival and independence of women shack dwellers who are at risk of HIV because of their economic dependence on men. The group hopes to purchase a sewing machine and other supplies. Visit Supporting Abahlali baseMjondolo to donate – specify that the money is for the women’s support group.
  3. Stay informed and active: Subscribe to the Housing Works AIDS Issues Update to read action alerts in your e-mail in-box and support AIDS housing rights.
  4. Help build the movement against gentrification and the destruction of neighborhoods:

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