Highlights from the US Social Forum: People’s Movement Assembly on health care as a human right

Here’s a resolution adopted by health care activists at the US Social Forum. While it doesn’t mention HIV/AIDS specifically, it addresses many of our community’s needs, like making health care a human right instead of a highly profitable set of industries. For more information about the People’s Movement Assemblies, see http://pma2010.org/

— Suzy

People’s Movement Assembly: What the Health Happened and How do we get the health care we Need?

Friday June 25th 1-5pm

Full text:

Because we are denied the human right to health and health care, and because many are waging campaigns for the human right to health, health care and single-payer financing, we met in breakout groups by geographic region (Northeast, Southeast, West, Midwest) to identify the following:

Health and Health Care are Human Rights

We must end the privatization of health care and end health care as a commodity that makes profit.

We must end the stigma of things associated with “public” because we are the public.

Class exploitation denies equity and healthcare access resulting in unmet needs.

We were denied a democratic process at the federal level around the passage of the new health law excluding advocates of the human right to health.

So we affirm the following:

We will establish the Human Right to Health in US law, policy, and practice;

We will end the stratified, multi-tiered health care system;

We will end disparities and the social conditions that cause them, emphasizing preventative care and free choice of health care provider;

We will fight for access to healthy food, water, and a clear environment;

We will educate people through the framework of the human right to health care and work to implement People’s Movement Assemblies on the right to health and health care on the local level;

We will fight for economic justice and human right to health care, which equals the human right to health;

We will fight for the government to be responsible to the people, and not corporations;

We will build a national movement supporting single-payer health care and HR 676;

We will challenge the non-profit status of hospitals;

We will empower patients and health care workers to fight for the human right to health.

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