US Social Forum workshops not to be missed!

So the US Social Forum starts tomorrow in Detroit!

I had a life-altering, mind-blowing experience at the first-ever USSF, in Atlanta in 2007, and wrote this open letter to the AIDS movement and the Left:

This will be the second-ever USSF. I’ll be blogging about sessions I go to that are inspiring. But I probably won’t post anything here til after I get home, exhausted as my aching bones get at conferences, and me without a laptop.

Here are some sessions I’d recommend for AIDS activists and all social justice activists who are blessed to be going to Detroit!

– Suzy

WED, 10am-noon, Cobo Hall: O2-42
Join in the Whirlwind: A Cooperative Panel on Research and Movement Building
Team Colors Collective

WED, 1-5:30pm, Cobo Hall: D2-08
The Take Back the Land Movement: Realizing the Human Right to Housing in the US
Take Back the Land (Miami), Survivors Village (New Orleans), Chicago Anti-Eviction Coalition

WED, 1-5:30pm, Cobo Hall: W2-67
US Social Forum Queer People’s Movement Assembly
co-hosted by The Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex (TGI) Justice Project, which works on prison issues, along with other groups including Queers for Economic Justice, SONG: Southerners on New Ground, and more groundbreaking LGBT groups

WED, 1-5:30pm, Cobo Hall: O2-33
Communication Strategies for Ending the Prison Industrial Complex
Thousand Kites

THURS, 10am-noon, Woodward Academy: Gym
AIDS Isn’t Over: Solidarity in the Fight for Justice for People with HIV Worldwide
Health GAP

THURS, 1-3pm, Woodward Academy: 1475
The Banks Must Pay: An overview of the Financial Transactions Tax
Health GAP, NYC AIDS Housing Network, Institute for Policy Studies, Africa Action

THURS, 1-5:30pm, Cobo W2-61
HIV/AIDS and Social Justice
NYC AIDS Housing Network, ACT UP Philadelphia, SisterLove

THURS, 1-5:30pm, Cobo Hall Room O3-45
Prison Justice Movement Assembly
California Coalition for Women in Prison, Human Rights Coalition, Jericho Amnesty Movement, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Resistance in Brooklyn, RNC8 Defense Committee, The Ordinary People’s Society, War Resisters League and others

THURS, 1-5:30pm, Cobo Hall: W2-69
Prioritizing Africa & the African Diaspora Agenda from Detroit to Dakar (D2D)
Africa Action, Institute for Policy Studies(IPS), Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)

FRI, 10am to noon, WSU Student Center (786)
Organizing in the Shadows: Overcoming Barriers to Base-Building in Marginalized Communities
VOCAL and NYC AIDS Housing Network
(this is a long walk from Cobo Hall, but there will be shuttle buses for USSF participants, and it’s worth starting your day at this workshop)

FRI, 10am to noon, WSU Cohn: 220
Developing Radical and Revolutionary Approaches to Reform Struggles
New York Study Group
(this is a long walk from Cobo Hall, but there will be shuttle buses for USSF participants, and it’s worth starting your day at this workshop)

FRI, 1-3pm, Cobo Hall: O2-41
Dialogue with Activists from the Haitian Popular Movement
Haiti Action Committee, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

FRI, 1-5:30pm, Cobo Hall W2-70
Harm Reduction and Transformative Justice: Responding to and Creating Alternatives to Violence in Our Communities
generation FIVE, and Young Women’s Empowerment Project (YWEP)

FRI, 1-5:30pm, Cobo Hall W2-66
Advancing a Gender Justice Vision and Action Plan
Women of Color United, Ella’s Daughters, Just Associates, Civil Liberties and Public Policy

FRI, 3:30-5:30pm, Cobo Hall O2-38
Community, Art, and Transformative Justice: Healing and Resistance with Women and Transgender Prisoners
California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Prisoner Creative Arts Project, National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women

For more info on the People’s Movement Assemblies (PMAs) and how they bring people together to discuss strategy:

Here are some media-related workshops I’m excited about, but too tired to put all the details here just now:

*Responding to an Amnesiac Culture with Grassroots Social History (group from San Francisco), Wed 1pm
*Digital Storytelling for Social Change, Friday 10am
*Mobile Voices: Cell-phone based community journalism, Friday 10am
*Research for the Revolution, Friday pm

a few more:

Revolutionary on the Daily: Visions for New Societies, Revolutionaries Organizing Ourselves, Friday 1pm

The Drug War: A War on Women and Families. (Two-Hour Workshop)
Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 10am – 12pm — UAW Building: Taurus

The War on Drugs: How the Criminal Justice System Became an Institution of Racial Oppression – and What We Must Do About It. (People’s Movement Assembly, 4 ½ hours)
Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 1-5:30pm — Cobo Hall: 03-46

The Liberatory Family: A struggle in the South and Southwest
Bring the Ruckus
Wednesday, June 23 1pm – 3pm

Repeal Coalition: A South West strategy to repeal ALL anti-immigrant laws in an effort to fight for the freedom of everyone to Live, Love and Work anywhere we please.
Repeal Coalition
Wednesday June 23 3:30pm-5:30

You can search for workshops by title or key word at

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